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Seeing this scene, Wang Ming did not dare to neglect him. He reached out his hand and picked up Yaxin. He roared around and said, "You all showed me clearly. This is the end of your self-righteousness and mischief!"! Are you still human? Looking at Wang Ming's angry expression, looking at Yaxin's miserable right foot, for a moment, everyone was silent, a silence, Wang Ming fiercely turned around, holding Yaxin strode out of the classroom! Yaxin remembered very clearly that Wang Ming shed tears at that time, really shed tears, Yaxin knew that it was for her tears, the tears were so crystal clear, more crystal clear than the most beautiful gem in the world! The result of that thing is very helpless, Wang Ming hit that fat man, the family has a very deep background, so. Wang Ming was expelled from school! As for Yaxin, after learning what happened to her at school, she decisively transferred to another school! Yaxin can never forget the last time they met, Wang Ming seriously pulled his hands, firmly told her to believe in themselves, believe that they are the best! From the beginning, to the end, Yaxin and Wang Ming only did three days of deskmates, for Wang Ming, it is just a short childhood memories, perhaps already forgotten! But for Yaxin, from her youth and girlhood, there was only one person in her heart,sodium cyanide price, the boy with an angelic smile, the warrior who swore to protect herself in front of everyone! Think of here, Yaxin beautiful face, can not help but emerge a sweet smile, the first time to see Wang Ming, Yaxin inferiority to the utmost extent, in her eyes, Wang Ming is an angel, Wang Ming is the God to redeem her! Compared with him, he is just a little gray pig rolling in the mud! With the passage of time,gold cil machine, the ugly duckling gradually grew up, around those beautiful girls, the more ugly, around the more handsome little boys, also one by one out of shape, but the ugly duckling will not! She is already the ugliest, and she can only change to be good-looking! Female big eighteen change, yes. Indeed, Yaxin is the best special case, the whole primary school period, Yaxin's appearance is nothing, everything has changed since junior high school! With the arrival of puberty and the secretion of female hormones, everything about girls has undergone mysterious changes. With the passage of time, Yaxin's teeth have grown back, the freckles on her face have faded one by one, the skin on her body is tender and smooth, and even her yellow hair has become black and shiny! Not only that, Yaxin's figure is also changing with each passing day, her chest is expanding like a balloon, Carbon in Pulp ,mineral flotation, her buttocks are becoming more and more beautiful, only her tiny waist seems to have no movement, still so slender! It's happened now! Even Yaxin herself knows very well that the story of the ugly duckling turning into a white swan really appeared on her body! She knows very well that she is already a big beauty! When bathing at night, looking at her devilish figure, even Yaxin herself was very satisfied! If it is before, Yaxin is absolutely not dare to have the slightest fantasy of Wang Ming, in Yaxin's eyes, Wang Ming is the incarnation of an angel, is sent by Shangcang to redeem her angel! They belong to two worlds! But now is different, think of that day in the water room, Wang Ming looked at his nosebleed DC appearance, for a time, Yaxin not tightly clenched his fist! Six years ago, Yaxin's cowardice made her lose the angel in her mind, but six years later, she must seize this opportunity! She won't let him go for another six years, life. How many six years are there! Yaxin does not think that his beauty is great, the same, Yaxin also thinks that his ugliness is not anyone's fault, everything is given by God, not their own choice! But Yaxin knows that men. Still like beautiful girls, especially girls like her, with big breasts, buttocks and thin waists!
Do not ask her how to know these, now in the 21st century, do not want to know these, it is even more difficult than knowing these! Think of here, Yaxin's heart can not help but quickly move up, in the end is to take the initiative to attack? Or wait and see what happens and wait for him to pursue himself? According to reason, he is such a big beauty, he has no reason not to move it! While Yaxin hesitated to take the initiative or wait and see, in the same classroom, Wang Ming was also worried about the same problem, what to do. In the end is the initiative? Still The bell! Violent bell, another day has passed, a whole day, Wang Ming and Yaxin are trapped by the same problem, in the end is to take the initiative to attack? Still Until the evening after school, two people still did not come up with a decision! Slightly exhaled a breath, Yaxin secretly looked sideways at the back row of Yaxin, the heart constantly hesitated, do not know. Does she remember that poor little Yaxin six years ago? Maybe. He had already forgotten her, otherwise, at the moment she held out her name, she should have thought of it! Thinking, Yaxin slowly stood up and walked out of the classroom, at the same time. Out of the corner of Yaxin's eyes, he was watching Wang Ming until he saw him stand up and follow him far behind, and then he smiled with satisfaction.
Walking to the corner of the corridor, Yaxin hesitated slightly, and then. Yaxin suddenly stopped the body, turned around, quietly waiting, she has decided, time waits for no one, before other girls pay attention to him, she has to strike first! Boom! Just thinking about this, Wang Ming had lowered his head and turned the corner. Without waiting for Yaxin to make a sound, he bumped into Yaxin. For a moment, a strong surge came,manganese beneficiation plant, and Yaxin's body fell back involuntarily! Whew. When Yaxin was about to fall to the ground, the next moment. Yaxin only felt a flash of dark shadow in front of her eyes, and then a strong arm hugged her slender waist. ore-magnetic-mining.com